They were once available only in boring old grey – but aluminium windows have come a long way since the 1980s, and now come in a range of chic shades including black and charcoal. Indeed, such is their popularity that this metal is now highly fashionable and the material of choice for architects designing window frames or bifold doors for new-build homes.

Decades ago, sliding doors, for example, with aluminium, could be really quite ugly, and often didn’t even close properly.

Today, with their slim, sleek sightlines, these windows and doors make for elegant exterior facades.

But aluminium isn’t just a pretty face. The strength of this metallic element means you need a whole lot less of it in a frame to contain the glass and associated hardware. This material has a natural strength, so that you can have a decent size of window or door opening without needing the support of a bulky frame.

Equally, of course, you get an area of glass that’s as large as physically possible, and therefore offers the biggest possible views over your garden or the outside world.

Having more of your window as glass makes for a far more modern look, and this also increases thermal efficiency.

Indeed, advances in the relevant technology mean that products with aluminium frames are among the best-insulated on today’s market, because of thermal breaks.

While some of the alternatives can sometimes expand or contract as the temperature outside changes, aluminium stays stable, making these models are a doddle to open or close.

Indeed, it has the potential to outperform, for example, uPVC windows in terms of insulation for bigger glass areas, given glass’s excellent insulating properties.

What’s more, aluminium windows are virtually maintenance-free, strongly resist corrosion and are highly robust and durable. As well as not corroding, frames also won’t flake, peel or rot.

Older homes often have doors and windows with steel frames, which won’t perform as well as their aluminium counterparts in terms of heat retention. Aluminium makes for the ideal replacement, giving you a smart look alongside all the performance benefits of a modern window system.

And as if all that weren’t enough, this material is generally more cost-effective than wood, so you save money, both on installation and in the long run.

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