December is, of course, the month of the shortest day of the year, and spring can seem a long way off, even if Christmas is here to cheer things up.

Far from going into deep hibernation, however, there’s actually a lot you can do to bring light into your home, however gloomy the weather. Follow our clever tips for a lighter, brighter residence!

    1.) Choosing colour schemes with care

In naturally darker rooms, pure white walls can end up looking dull and lifeless. Instead, consider going for the likes of grey, lilac or green to make a space look bigger and lighter than it really is. You can then add more colour, depth and interest with coloured accessories.

    2.) Light reflections

Reflective surfaces can send light bouncing around a room. Gloss-painting the floor or ceiling is one idea. Another is to introduce polished marble or glass into your interior décor. You could also paint your windows and sills in a high-gloss paint to maximise the daylight coming in through the window.

    3.) Embracing natural light

If you have a neat blind at your window, you can draw it up completely, and let the light flood your room. A roller blind which tucks away into the recess of the window are one good option, while an interlined Roman blind makes a more luxurious choice.

Whatever you go for, try and mount the blind above the lintel of your window, so that you can draw it clear of the panes and let in as much daylight as physically possible.

    4.) Clever lighting schemes

During the depths of winter, effective interior lighting becomes even more important. Think about highlighting particular areas, rather than washing out your room with artificial light. Create a layered look with lots of lamps and floor lamps. Try and have these on a 5amp circuit so they can be controllable from a wall switch. You can place ceiling spot lights or low pendant lights above focal points such a coffee or dining tables to create interest.

    5.) Mirror, mirror

A well-placed mirror is hardly a new trick, but it’s an effective one. Go as large with your looking glass as you can, placing it opposite the window to create as much light as possible.

Finally, replacing your windows is another way of letting in the light during the darkest days of the year. Our slimline aluminium windows are a great example of this. We have a great line-up of products to suit your particular home, budget and tastes. Talk to a member of the team today and get a quote without charge or obligation – we promise we won’t give you the hard sell.