It’s that time of year again when the clocks go back and the Strictly and X Factor seasons are in full swing – so it must be time to think about preparing your home for winter as the coldest months approach.

Your conservatory shouldn’t be somewhere you neglect because it’s too icy – it should be a living space you can use easily all year round.

But you may have to put some thought into how to achieve this – research has shown that the average south-facing conservatory is a comfortable temperature for only two hours a day during the coldest time of year if there’s no extra heating.

The good news is that you don’t have to fork out a fortune to make your conservatory cosier

Ideas for ways you can improve your insulation yourself include:

  • Fitting another polycarbonate layer below the glazing bars, to create an insulating air gap between the new layer and the existing polycarbonate or glass roof. Leave gaps for venting, and ensure that the extra layer can be easily taken away in case there’s any condensation. Secure with double-sided sticky carpet tape.
  • Cut sheets of DIY-store thermal insulation that’s 1-2 inches thick to fit the roof panels. Secure with a good adhesive or, again, double-side tape.
  • Attach laminate floor underlay with silver reflective foil – generally available in DIY shops – to the roof panels using tape or a strong adhesive. Reflect heat by keeping the foil side facing downwards.
  • Use blinds or drapes for the space between the rafters. Insulating curtains or a heavy fabric can retain heat during the winter and, when summer rolls round again, it reduces how much sunlight enters your conservatory. Just keep an eye out for condensation on your extension’s interior – it could make blinds mouldy or damp.
  • Bubble insulation designed for greenhouses, with one smooth and one bubbly side, is another idea. Fix it below your roof using double-sided tape, and, if you wanted to, you could hide it with a decorative voile fabric.
  • Filler strips, again widely available in DIY stores, can help if draughts are getting in through the walls or roof.

A more professional option is to consider a new roof for your conservatory. This really can make a huge difference to your comfort, and, of course, is far cheaper than replacing the whole structure.

At Worthing Windows, covering wide areas of West Sussex including places like Lancing as well as, of course, Worthing itself.

We offer a number of conservatory roof options, including our new Solid Roof options which help keep the temperature constant and are set to revolutionise how we use these rooms. Get in touch now so that your conservatory is toasty well before Christmas.