For as long as most of us can remember, white has been the standard hue for window frames. And we have to admit we can see why – a white uPVC window is always a safe bet that looks really smart, and will suit the majority of homes.

But if you’re thinking of replacing your windows this spring, how about considering some other subtle shades that could give your home a touch of stylish flair?

If you want to go for an ultra modern look, grey aluminium windows will certainly achieve this

At Worthing Windows, we have a range of different shades for the solutions we offer. And if a green or red seems too bold a choice, and is not in keeping with your property or its area, grey can add panache while remaining a restrained choice.

Its Versatile and Contemporary

Grey suits homes of all ages and styles, and it’s also a contemporary hue, so could be ideal if you’re keen to give an older-looking property a modern edge. And, because of its minimalist, unassuming nature, grey can add elegance without dominating or detracting from any of your home’s other features.

Perhaps there really are fifty shades of grey! From gunmetal to olive, anthracite to charcoal and very light grey, there are more variations than you may have realised, and it’s anything but dull and boring!

Another idea is to use a different colour on the exterior and interior of your property, for example by having grey inside or outside the window and a contrasting shade that’s darker or lighter hue that suits the look of your home.

Its Neutral and Matches Almost Every Other Colour

Grey’s a classic that’s starting to overtake white or beige, and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. When you consider that it’s a halfway point between white and black, and therefore neutral, that’s perhaps not surprising.

So don’t be afraid to steer away from white towards grey. As well as windows, you could consider extending the shade to your walls and floors, since it goes with just about every other shade and colour of the rainbow.

Mix things up, too. Grey walls, for example, can be contrasted with a pastel sofa, or, if you’re feeling brave, bolder colours are enhanced against a grey backdrop. Alternatively, if you feel you want to play things safe, incorporate grey at a leisurely pace starting with accessories or furniture.

Precisely because grey is so unassuming, it tends to take a back seat, allowing the palette of the rest of your home to be strongly visible.

At Worthing Windows, we offer a broad line-up of double glazed windows, in varying styles, materials and colours to suit your home and all manufactured to superlative standards, alongside a decade-long guarantee as standard to give you more confidence in your purchase. We operate from Worthing to Goring, Lancing and beyond, covering huge swathes of Sussex.

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