Now that spring is (hopefully) well and truly on its way at last, you may well be looking to mark the season with replacement windows.

With the warmer weather, you’ll no doubt be using your windows more often than normal, and, as you open them, you may notice a few quirks after they’ve been shut up for much of the winter.

Knowing if you need to Replace your Windows

If your windows are more than two or three decades old, or if your energy bills seem to be creeping up, or if your existing models are starting to look warped, or otherwise damaged, or can’t be opened easily, they’ll need to be replaced. Bear in mind that if you live in a coastal area, you may find your windows age more quickly.

Of course, this may seem obvious, but it’s harder than you may have realised to miss signs of damage, especially in a room that isn’t used frequently. And cracks aren’t always straightforward to notice, especially if you don’t examine the glass at exactly the right angle.

More often than not, replacing a window is the most cost-effective long-term option that could prevent further problems in the long run.

There are a few things to bear in mind before you commit to this home improvement. One consideration that you may not have previously thought of is the size of your new windows.

Disadvantages of Having Smaller Windows

The reality is that there are a number of disadvantages to having smaller windows in your home. While larger models can help create a stunning space, smaller ones tend to make a room seem dingy and dark, or even almost claustrophobic.

Advantages of Having Larger Windows

Clearly, with bigger windows, you can bring more of the outside world indoors, including the sights and sounds of your garden, without ever having to set foot outside your home.

Equally, natural light has a key role to play in our day-to-day lives, and with larger windows you increase your exposure to daylight, brightening the smallest room. But as well as making a room look brighter and bigger, let’s not forget the many health benefits of natural light. It boosts well-being and positive energy.

If you were worried that bigger window solutions would result in your property losing heat, think again. Modern glazing technology is designed to keep you cosier when the temperature dips, and cooler as the mercury rises.

At Worthing Windows, we offer a great range of replacement window products in a variety of materials, wherever you’re based in our area from Ferring to Sompting. Contact us right now and learn more about our smart-looking, energy-efficient solutions.