Thankfully, conservatory fires in modern structures are incredibly rare. And all our own conservatories are built with safety firmly in mind. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t also give fire protection some thought when planning your home improvement.

It’s important to know, for example, from the outset, how you will escape from your extension in the event of a blaze. You may want to think about fitting a smoke alarm, equally, any electrics installed must comply with current relevant building regulations – which we at Worthing Windows understand in detail.

Additionally, if you go for a new conservatory roof from us and choose the Livinroof model, which we supply, you can enjoy even greater peace of mind.

Each of these solid roof systems is thoroughly fire tested. While other manufacturers may test the various roof parts, such as the tiles, this is often done in isolation, not as a complete, assembled roof.

We’re clear that this rigorous quality assurance process offers great confidence in the fire safety of your home improvement.

Ensuring high-quality components in your conservatory roof is one thing – and it is important. But the parts can react differently when combined, even if they meet fire safety regulations on their own. That’s why this testing process is so thorough.

The Livinroof product is ideal for spaces with a modern design, and is also incredibly versatile. It can be built on almost any shape or size of conservatory and allows the ideal amount of light to flood into the room.

In terms of fire safety, penetration and spread of flame both need to be addressed. And so fire safety tests should give the roof an overall rating of two letters, in keeping with BS476-3:2004 standards.

The first, relating to flame penetration, says that any roof within 6m, of any boundary must have an A classification. The second letter refers to flame spread, and roofs within 6m of any boundary must fall within the A, B or C classifications.

A test certificate confirming this should be available if the room is to be considered compliant with building regulations, and it’s a good idea to ask to see it, as confirmation that the whole roof structure has been tested, not just the individual components.

Livinroof has been tested to UK and EU fire performance standards measuring both flame penetration and spread. Two leading testing companies, independent and recognised, are used to inspect and certify the materials, and the construction of each solid conservatory roof.

Livinroof is fire rated as B-roof according to EN 13501-5: 2016, and as AA according to BS476-3:2004.

Talk to us at Worthing Windows about upgrading your conservatory roof, safe in the knowledge that we offer solutions providing some of the most stringent fire protection possible to keep your family safe.

We also offer double glazing and replacement doors across Worthing and surrounding areas in West Sussex.